Released 27 October 2017.


Hand-printed limited edition.


Thodoris Ziarkas - double bass & cretan lyra

All music composed and improvised by Thodoris Ziarkas


an autonomous release



Released 10 November 2014


Rob Milne - bass clarinet & flute

Sam Warner - trumpet

Nikos Ziarkas - guitar, electronics, cretan lute

Thodoris Ziarkas - double bass, cretan lyra, tsambuna

Gaspar Sena – drums


Guests musicians:

Tom Green - trombone , Saul - vocals,

Alexandros Miaris – analog synths, Theodoros ‘‘Siozos’’ Ziarkas – voice


Photos by Vipasana Roy



Released 18 May 2018


Sam Warner - trumpet & flugelhorn

James Allsopp - bass clarinet & tenor sax

Nikos Ziarkas - guitar & electronics

Thodoris Ziarkas - double bass

Gaspar Sena – drums  


Produced by Valia Calda & George Botis


Cover photo by Enri Canaj


BLAM! Attached/Detached

Released January 2014


Alex Bezzina - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Maria Chiara Argirò - Piano

Thodoris Ziarkas - Double Bass

Leandro Mancini-Olivos - Drums



Tal Janes- Guitar, Rob Milne - Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet


String Quartet:

John Garner - Violin, Johannes Marmén - Violin,

Marie Schreer - Viola, Sarah Joyce - Cello


Photo by Anna Emilia Becker

Artwork by Chiara Manzoni -Amadlab-


© Minced Oaths 2014

BLAM album photo



Released 2 October 2018


Roman Gomez - piano

Thodoris Ziarkas - double bass


All music composed by Roman Gomez

except #3 by Eduardo di Capua and #6 by Maria Teresa Vera.


Photo by Vipasana Roy  




TASOS STAMOU "Musique con Crète"


Released 27 May 2018


Tasos Stamou presents his most recent electroacoustic music project ‘Musique con Crète’.

The project is the result of a three-year creative research project across Crete (GR). Starting with an artist residency the musician visited the Greek island over the course of three summers, collecting field recordings, performing with local musicians, producing electronic compositions and gathering old records and tapes of traditional music of the region. The project resulted in the assembling of a unique sound collage which reflects his personal experience as a music visitor to this part of the Mediterranean with one of the richest ancient history and living traditions.


© Discrepant Records

MIMIKA ORCHESTRA ''Divinities of the Earth and the Waters''


Released 25 May 2018


Mimika Orchestra's new album Set in the mysterious world of the ancient Balkans, the album is a fusion of progressive and orchestral music, old Slavic and South Slavic / x-Yugoslav / Balkan folk music and contemporary jazz. It follows a story of a protagonist who sees himself as an effigy in a folk festival, finishing with the burning of the doll, i.e. metaphorically seeing the burning as a funeral for himself and for his society. It is a psychedelic / dreamy album dedicated to the late Oberon King (who was Mimika's previous drummer), to the Yugoslav identity and exposing the richness of Slavic folk music and rhythms as inspirations.


© PDV Records

Rough Guide To Psychedelic India



Released 2015


Adrian Northover - saxophones, composition

Tasos Stamou - harmonium, bouzouki

Harvir Sahota - tabla

Thodoris Ziarkas - bass


© World Music Net

rough guide to psy india

London Improvisers Orchestra "Twenty Years On"




Album Launch 4th of November '18


more info:

LIO front sleeve



Limited edition tape - Released 19 October 2018


Tasos Stamou: Bouzouki & tambouras, vocals

Thodoris Ziarkas: Blues guitar



Tracks A 1,2,3 and B 3 recorded at the Owl home studio, London, 2016-2017

Tracks B 2,3 recorded live during performance at the Clapton Sessions, London, April 2nd 2017.


© Discrepant Records