Sam Warner - trumpet/flugelhorn

James Allsopp - bass clarinet

Nikos Ziarkas - guitar/electronics

Gaspar Sena - drums

Thodoris Ziarkas - bass


Valia Calda is a London-based quintet performing music which draws inspiration from the traditions and struggles of the world.

The band has released the first album in 2014 which was followed

by the 2018 release entitled "Methexis".



Thodoris Ziarkas is an improviser, double bassist and composer born in Rhodes, Greece.

Currently based in London he is mainly involved with jazz, improvisation and folk music from around the world.

In addition he is a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique (LCATT, London 2017).


Main projects :

Valia Calda, trio USCITA, the SEEd, Stamou/Chytiris/Ziarkas, London Improvisers Orchestra, COT, Bonnendis, AMAN!


Collaborations include:


Alan Wilkinson, Anna Homler, James Allsopp, Steve Beresford, Maggy Nichols, Beibei Wang, Adam Bohman, Sharon Gal,

Michalis Kouloumis, Takatsuna Mukai, Tim Giles, Julie Kjær, Orphy Robinson, Andreas Polyzogopoulos,

Alex Bonney, Sue Lynch,  Gareth Lockrane, Roman Gomez, Blam, No Clear Mind, Kalia, Circuit, Daemonia Nymphe,

Manos Achalinotopoulos, Electric Litany, Mimika Orchestra, Dimitri Vasilakis,

Vasilis Xenopoulos, Olcay Bayir, Kourelou.




the SEED project


Ongoing collaboration (often adopting new names and taking new trajectories) between Alexander Technique  practitioners, dance-artist Georgia Paizi and musician Thodoris Ziarkas, inspired by the poetic literalism of the human body.

Mapping the overlapping landscapes of movement & music improvisation, the SEED sessions involve improvisation practice (guided through anatomical imagery and AT principles) hands-on work in partners, and scores for responsive choreography.




Cassandre Balosso-Bardin - bagpipes/recorders

Thodoris Ziarkas - lyra

Nikos Ziarkas - laouto


Bonnendis is a London-based trio featuring the raw sounds of the Greek islands with the iconic askamandoura (bagpipes), lyra and laouto. Bonnendis navigates from island to island, playing traditional tunes as you would hear them back home: genuine, powerful and uplifting.

image-group-bonnendis-arches-bis_orig STACHYZI fb cover2

Tasos Stamou / prepared zither & electronics

Stephanos Chytiris / drums, percussion

Thodoris Ziarkas / double bass


The trio improvises on the crossroad between noise and melody. Using traditional instruments of jazz (Ziarkas, Chytiris) with a unique minimalistic approach as well as the electronics (Stamou), the musicians are exploring the nature and the limits of their instruments to produce sounds that are familiar but also unanticipated. Ethereal sounds of undetermined nature alternate with melodic patterns influenced by folk music but also jazz and electronic music.



(c) Amalia Variete

(c) Ioanna Zouli




Esquivo unites a collective of musicians around the idea of cross-pollination. Their eclectic compositions – though rooted in jazz – explore a plethora of stylistic influences, geographic confluences and mood-swings.


Sylvia Schmidt - vocals

Fabrizio Brusca - guitar

Maria Chiara Argirò - piano

Thodoris Ziarkas - double bass

Riccardo Chiaberta - drums


(c) Tom Sankey



 Tasos Stamou - saz & bouzouki

Thodoris Ziarkas - guitar


The duo explores the borders of improvisation in the context of traditional music, especially focused in the musical heritage of Greek Rembetiko and Oriental music.


The musicians both interpret this musical tradition in their own special way; exploring the possibilities of this music existing and evolving into a contemporary context.


Debut cassete release in October 2018 from Discrepant Records.


AMAN photo_2



Roman Gomez - piano

Thodoris Ziarkas / double bass


Collaboration with mutli-instrumentalist Roman Gomez. The duo has just released their first record '"Vigilia".


collage pic copy



Improvised music exploring soundscapes and dialogues between

a double bass and occasionally the Cretan lyra.


Debut album "Monologue 01" released in 2017.

Currently working on new material for a release entitled "Stillness", which was a result of an artist residency at Cinema Mele in Calabria .

Music Village soloii

(c) Yannis Angelakis




Seb Silas - tenor & soprano saxopones

Thodoris Ziarkas - double bass

Tom Clarke  - drums


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(c) Cadhla Kennedy